Top 5 Tips for Any Event at Home

Konstance Armstrong

Top 5 Tips for Any Event at Home

With so many of us staying home, celebrations at home have become small and more common.
But just because parties are at a smaller scale doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Great events and memories can be made at home by following these simple tips that make having fun affordable.

1) Theme:

When choosing a theme, focus on two main colors that complement each other and one accent color/pattern as a back up. For an vintage travel baby shower seen below the main colors are Teal and Red with a white accent color.
You may think choosing a novelty character as a theme is easier but most character themed decorations are more expensive and have limited quantities. In this case it is helpful to use the character as your accent pattern or in your main focal point. Then add your two main colors when you purchase your paper goods, utensils and any disposable items for the event. 

2) Location:

Location is one of the main decision you will make when having an event. This is not only where the event will be held, but also the logistics of where the each element of the event will take place. These are just simple things to think about like the location of hot food in relation to oven or grill. Where beverages will be served in relation to the sink or mop if there are any spills. Where are the guests eating and sitting? As the host these issues are yours to handle, so you want to make it easier for yourself.

3) Flow:

Once you pick the location of the main traffic areas, walk through the space as if you were a guest. Which door are they entering from, what is the first thing they see?  When do they get to the food and beverage areas? Is everything easy to find? Think about questions your guests may have, as the host you will be in high demand the entire event so you want to minimize your stress by addressing this beforehand. 

4) Food & Drinks:

Selecting a menu depending on how much you want to spend and the number of touch points. A touch point is how many surfaces your guests will be touching to serve themselves. So if you are getting your event catered guests will have a low number of touch points because the food will be plated and served by the caterer. If you are buying pizza or something easy to make and serve, you will want to pre-plate the portions to minimize touch points.


For children parties or events with young guests, you will want smaller portions and juice boxes or small cups. Children hardly ever finish their food and drinks, so you need to minimize your waste. They also love to touch EVERYTHING so having a controlled way for them to serve themselves is most ideal. Having themed candy bags or boxes premade and laid out on a table is another alternative to the more popular candy buffets, and they LOOK GOOD!

5) Focal Point:

This is the fun part! With so many people posting event pictures online, guests are drawn to statement pieces that they can use as a photo opportunity. Home events can be just as glam and eye-catching as any other party outside the home. You don’t have to break the bank or overthink this area. Just make it coordinate with your theme. 


Use a simple colorful backdrop on a wall with props, a dessert or candy table, or an archway lined with flowers. For an evening party, you can even use led lights like in the centerpiece above to draw your guests' eye to a specific area. Whatever way you choose, make sure the area stands out from the rest of the party. This should also be an area that you spend more money on because the pictures are an automatic keepsake for your guests.